Hello everybody in the past article we talked about “Best places to visit in Clifornia the golden state” and these series of articles are attached together because all of them are states in America those articles are “Best places to visit in Hawaii and Best time to travel there” “Best time to visit Alaska and top five places to enjoy there”.

All of you must be wondering how to enjoy your time in Southern California and we are going to tell you

Things to do in Southern California:

1-Things to do at Universal Studios:


• Walk around the park’s corridors and movie studios and learn how to make backstage scenes. You will also see how the tricks and effects shown in the movies.

• For youth and fans of thrill games, you can experience the most exciting and modern games at Universal Studios Los Angeles.

• Your children can get a lot of fun through the existing entertainment games that suit different ages may share some of the games that you love.

• The park includes many shops specialized in the sale of gifts and games, etc. You can shop and buy Minasbkm gifts for your loved ones and your children.

• During your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood you may be hungry and tired. You can go to one of the restaurants in the park for a break and have a delicious meal that will complement your trip.

• Visit Universal City Walk next to the park, which includes a wide range of restaurants and shops, as well as 19 cinemas.

2-Things to do in Venice Beach:


• Relax on the golden sands and enjoy the sea, and practice many water sports there such as swimming and windsurfing, as well as activities on the beach such as volleyball, beach tennis or even cycling.

• Enjoy watching the musicians and dancers perform beautiful movements on the beach in a festive atmosphere filled with joy and pleasure.

• For young people, especially those who like bodybuilding, you will not miss a visit to the muscular beach, which contains a platform that offers sports and bodybuilding competitions.

• Touring the old area of ??Venice is a fun experience to learn about the culture of this area and shop for souvenirs and souvenirs for your loved ones when you return from Los Angeles tourism.

• Along the coast of Venice and near to the many seafood restaurants you can choose one of them and eat a fresh fish meal and enjoy the view of the sea.

3-Things to do at Griffith Park:


• Griffith Park is a huge park that allows you to do a lot of exciting activities including hiking. There are dedicated facilities such as wooden tables. You can sit and eat in the center of the landscape. You can also take camping, cycling and hiking.

• Experience the mini-train, which is one of the features of the park dating back to 1948, visitors of all ages can enjoy the experience of riding the train, which takes you for a distance of nearly a mile between the embrace of nature.

• Watch the huge Hollywood sign that appears prominently on high altitude and is one of the most famous landmarks of Los Angeles.

• Visit the Griffith Observatory, one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions, which offers a spectacular view of Hollywood and spectacular views of space through the Planetarium.

• Visit the Los Angeles Zoo with family and children and learn about the types of animals that live in the garden close up, your children will hear a lot to know about the types of animals.

4-Things to do at Los Angeles zoo:


• Walk around the zoo with your family and children and learn about the types of animals that live in the park close. Your children will hear a lot to introduce them to animals directly for the first time after seeing them on television only like elephant, rhinoceros and other animals.

• Hiking in the botanical garden and watching many kinds of plants, some of which are rare and capture the most beautiful souvenir pictures in every corner.

• The garden has a number of distinctive restaurants. If you feel tired, one can choose to relax and have a delicious meal before continuing your tour of the garden.

• You can buy souvenirs and toys for your children from the garden store, where you will find a variety of toys, gifts, clothes and more.

5-Things to do at the Museum of Natural History Los Angeles:


• You can start your tour of the Museum of Natural History by watching the dinosaurs, those beings that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago, you will find animated statues of dinosaurs as if they were already alive.

• Visit the butterflies section, which presents in a special season a large group of butterflies of different types and shapes flying freely in their own area.

• Complete your tour of the museum and visit the sections of the rich and others, which show the most strange and rare neighborhoods as you will learn about the life patterns and behaviors of animals and information you may know for the first time.

• Go to the gift shop at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum and buy gifts and souvenirs sold at the store.

6-Things to do at Madame Tussauds wax museum:


• Walking around the Madame Tussauds wax museum and getting to know the most important figures in the museum in terms of art and cinema where you can watch your favorite stars and take photo with them.

• You can find out about the innovative wax copies of Madame Tussauds, how to make them for the world’s most famous wax sculptures.

• Definitely not miss the Hollywood Walk of Fame or the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just steps away from the Los Angeles Wax Museum and a famous American tourist attraction.

• The museum is surrounded by a variety of shopping options. You can buy gifts and ready-made clothes. There are several restaurants in the area. You can choose one for a rest and a meal.

We hope that you enjoy your time in California this lovely state see you soon 🙂