Hello everyone , New day and a new travel experience ..

Today’s travel experience is in Thailand and Beijing

The Breakdown

Flight: $681 jetblue/Air China; Travel insurance: $47; Finance charge for 6 month payment plan with affirm $54 = $783

Beijing Layover Tours: $110 (it is a join in tour so if you are traveling solo like I was for this part of my trip you join in with a group) Saw the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Entrance fee is included but you have to pay extra for the cable car and toboggan ride it was 120 yuan for both.

Hotel: Recenta Express Phuket Town-Huge No Don’t Do It Unless Club Music all night long is soothing! Total for 6 nights $183 total my part was $92

Photoshoot: $165 found my photographer on Instagram. Don’t recommend him but you can find others using #thailandphotographer

Phuket Easy Thai Cooking Class: Must Do! The chef is hilarious and the food is so good I could have shed a tear includes transfer to/ from hotel = $62

Flight to Bangkok: Air Asia = $77

Grand Palace: $15 entrance fee yup side eye at that price but it was worth seeing with your own eyes

Flow House Bangkok: $17 the most fun I had sounds crazy but the people are so nice here and it was just good ol fun

PHI PHI islands tour: biggest letdown in life right after when your mom said there was food at home. Overcrowded beaches, nothing but boats, and you got on and off the boats so fast I’m not sure why we stopped. Basically Phi Phi is to find a spot to take pictures where you can avoid 1,000 people in your background and then get back on the boat you just got off of because it’s time to go. Transfer/to from hotel and lunch included = $57

Phuket Elephant Jungle Sanctuary: No. I. Did. Not. Ride. The. Elephants. I don’t participate in animal abuse however I did feed them, give them a mud and learn about them. Wonderful place, people there really love the elephants and it shows. Transfer to/from hotel and lunch included = $76

Food = for all the days there $75 it was soooo cheap and soooo good even the random hole in the walls.

Taxis: We met a dope driver that took us to all these great viewpoints, gave us great restaurant recommendations, and would wait on us and DID NOT OVERCHARGE US. He took us to the place in the pink shirt picture after we asked for good food and good view. His name is KAI Whatsapp number is +66911682145 did I mention he works 24 hours??? Tell him the girl that calls monkey hill “monkey mountain” sent you! We used him and the grab app which is like uber but super cheap. = $180 together split I paid $60. we could have walked more buuuutttt when your taxi ride is $3 you tend to want to ride more.

Shopping: I think we shopped every single day! Between the markets and the 6 floor MBK mall in Bangkok it is a shopper’s paradise. I mean 3 purses for $12? Adidas sweatpants for $15? Yes Please! Total for all the shopping I did = $171 and I almost couldn’t close my suitcase

Money: Exchange as you go you can throw a feather and hit a exchange spot.

Source : Jennifer Allen