Best time to visit Bali and it’s 8 days magical stay in there:

Hi my friends today in this article we will talk About the best time to visit Bali and the best places to visit in Bali, we will divide the best time to visit Bali into categories such as: quiet lovers, wave lovers and so on so be ready to this amazing journey and take a deep breath every body.

– Best times of year to visit Bali:


Bali has long been known for its beauty and splendor, which can be regarded as the island of tropical paradise. The reason for the arrival of millions of travelers from around the world to enjoy visiting the sandy beaches of the island every year. Bali is characterized by its sun, windsurfing, unique culture and the vitality of the island’s inhabitants (mostly Hindus). You can find out the best times of the year to travel to Bali is vital in planning and enjoying an amazing holiday on the ‘amazing island.

– Best time of year to visit Bali:



Like most tropical islands, Bali is characterized by two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is usually located between November and April, so depending on the area, it can be a very humid day. Temperatures are often between 26 and 35 degrees Celsius, usually raining every day for at least a few hours. The dry season is from May to October when the sun shines and the sun is usually between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius. You can see sightseeing, excursions, scuba diving, or any other outdoor activities, so it may be the best time to travel in the dry season.

– Best time to Visit Bali for tourists:


It is also important to realize that Bali is a tourist destination that has its own popularity especially in the high tourist season and the low tourist season. July, August and September are the busiest time of year in Bali as the New Year holiday in late December and early January. Visitors are increasing in these months, traffic is congested in busy areas, housing prices are rising and even worsening. If you prefer quiet and get discounted rates you may want to travel away from the high tourist season.

– Best time to Visit Bali for wave lovers:


Finally, planners of their trip to Southeast Asia would like to enjoy undisputedly in this preferred tourist destination based on wave patterns. During November-April you find the eastern coast of Bali filled with huge waves, so it is the time for experienced to inflate the size of the giant waves. From April to October, the West Coast of Bali gets heavy and large wind for medium-sized waves, good for medium and advanced wave fans. For beginners, the months between March and November are the best times to learn how to enjoy the beaches in the south, where you find the waves very mild and the weather is nice.

– Best time to Visit Bali for quiet lovers:


Overall, if you want a perfect holiday in Bali with beautiful weather, enjoy lots of outdoor activities, free crowds and low prices, the best time to visit Bali is in May, June or October. On the other hand, you may want to get to know the water-skiing plans in Bali when planning a holiday.

– 8 days of happiness in Bali :


-Day 1 “go to ubud” :

It Is a thriving village in the middle of the island of Bali and is the cultural capital of this small island, and is known as the center of arts and crafts in Bali, knowing that this village and its surrounding areas include a lot of workshops for artists and galleries, as well as what you find here from the architecture wonderful and others Of historic sites and museums, not to mention a range of interesting cafes, local food, and ceaseless celebrations.

-Day 2 “we still in ubud magic” :

On the second day we invite you to book a trip to the active Bator volcano in the early morning, enjoying the stunning terrain and the beautiful atmosphere, then visiting the local market with the voices of vendors and the various local product stalls. Here you can buy whatever you want for your trip with opportunities to get to know Nature of life on the island.

If you’re dedicated today to local people and cultural life here, you can eat in one of the village’s restaurants and enjoy delicious local cuisine.

-Day 3 “North Bali – Pemuteran”:

Pemuteran is a small fishing village on the northern coast of the western island of Bali. The tourist destination is close to Bali National Park, Mangangan Island and Gillimanok. Pemuteran is home to the world’s largest artificial coral reef project. The United Nations has recognized the village as a model of tourism and community preservation the local.

In this stunning place you will enjoy the most beautiful scenery of marine life, not to miss the noise of the world.

-Day 4 “Manganagan Island”:

Manganagan Island is a small island off the west coast of Bali, and Manganagan is translated into “deer”, where the island is home to deer that can withstand the hot, harsh climate of the island.

The island’s natural habitats range from rainforests to dry savannahs to low forests as well as more mountainous forests. There are also many temples around the island, as well as opportunities to enjoy diving among the island’s coral reefs, home to an incomparable biological diversity. .

Spend the night after these wonderful leisure opportunities on the island in one of the nearby and comfortable hotels for you.

-Day 5 “Karangasim, east of Bali”:

The most important temple of Bali, Bora Bisaké, is located on the slopes of Mount Agung and is popular in Indonesia in general.

The eruption of the volcano of Agung on March 17, 1963, isolated most of the island’s east, caused the failure of most crops, while thousands of people were killed by the flow of hot lava and toxic clouds of hot gases falling on the slopes of the volcano. The explosions, especially with being located just 6 kilometers from the crater.The Besakiye temple complex consists of 30 separate temples set on seven terraces on the slopes of Mount Agung.

Candidasa is a good starting point to visit places along the beautiful east coast of Bali, including the village of Bugbug where you can learn about Bali’s old customs and traditions.

During your visit to Karangasim, you can head to Brassey Beach in the village of Brassey, which is still largely unknown to tourists. It is also less polluted and better for swimming or diving, especially from April to October.

-Day 6 “Go to Kuta”:

Kuta is the most famous tourist area on the island of Bali in Indonesia, offering a beautiful beach popular among tourists, and some consider it the best beach in Bali, and in Kuta can enjoy swimming and diving among many of the global diving sites with the relaxation and relaxation among the most beautiful scenes And you may not wish that time passes in this place, to stay in the embrace of nature away from the routine and hustle of everyday life. The atmosphere here provides you with happiness from everywhere. The clear blue water, the bright sunshine and the warm welcome will never forget you and will remain in your memory for ever.

After spending your day on the stunning beach, we invite you to stay in one of Seminyak’s wonderful hotels to spend your night amidst the breathtaking nature and unspeakable psychological comfort.

-Day 7 :

On the last day of your trip to the island of Bali, you can enjoy nature and beautiful beaches. No wonder the beaches are the hallmark of this island and are usually used by tourists for this purpose, so you can spend your day in one of the beaches of the city with the fun sports that are famous for that area Of the island, perhaps the most famous surfing.

At night you can check out the Seminyak area with its souvenir shops with some memorable souvenirs that will always remind you of the splendor of the place after returning.

-Day 8 “leave in the hope of returning to the island of Bali again”:

Yes, it is time to leave, but you have another date on a close visit to Bali, pack your bags and prepare to return to Denpasar, and on the way do not tire of taking the most beautiful photo of the nature and dazzling local life and the general atmosphere that will remain in mind. Dream for lovers of travel and travel around the world wherever they are.