Hello everybody before we tell you about the best time to visit thailand we should introduce this lovely country.

– Thailand is located on the Indian Peninsula and is divided into seventy-five provinces, with its capital Bangkok. With a population of sixty-six million, it ranks 20th in the world by population density. Thailand is one of the countries that enjoy the charm of Asian nature, as well as a touch of contemporary architectural architecture in its big cities. Tourism is a major income of the country. In 2000, the Thai capital ranked third on the list of destinations in the world, after London and New York .

– Also we must tell you about the best places to visit in thailand :

1- Bangkok:

It is the capital of Thailand, characterized by its wet and warm climate, high rainfall, high-rise skyscrapers, many popular restaurants and high-end shops. The Grand Palace, the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Golden Mountain, which is located on a 75-meter high hill. There is also the Irawan Shrine mentioned in the old Thai stories, and the Irwan Museum as well.

2- Hua Hin:

Hua Hin
This area is located in the province of Baishup, about 200 km from the capital, a tourist resort, and enjoy this area white sand along the coast, and much of the beauty of this area impressed by the seventh Ramah and ordered the construction of his summer palace there .

3- Chiang Mai Province:

Chiang Mai

Located in the north of the country, Borda is called the North because of its scenic nature. It lies on the banks of the Bingas River and is ravaged by green forests from all sides. It is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist attractions. Its temperate climate and striking nature have led to different cultures and races. This region is Thailand’s second largest province.


– And now we come to the most important part in our article which is the best time to visit thailand and tips about it :

1-You should first know that the climate in most of Thailand is three seasons: the rainy season between May and October, the cold season is from November to February, it is nice and mild, and the hot season is between March and May.

2-The rainy season is less predictable than the three seasons and deserves to be considered when thinking about the best time to visit. It is a season of varying length and intensity of rain from year to year, but this does not mean that the sky never stops, but it often falls For a few hours in the afternoon or at night.

3-The coldest season is the best time to visit. The maximum height is 30 degrees Celsius in the middle of the day, while in the hot season, temperatures often rise to 35 degrees Celsius in Bangkok. The best thing to do in this period is to go to beaches .

4-There are always slight differences from one region to another. In the highlands, in the north like Shang Mai, humidity is lower with higher temperatures in the hot season, and lower in the cold season, especially at night where the heat is significantly reduced, From scratch on the upper cliffs.

5-You can find in the northeast of the country on the border with Laos and Cambodia the worst of the hot season, with clouds gathering and very humid air.
In southern Thailand, temperatures are more consistent throughout the year, with fewer seasonal variations as they approach the equator to the south, so the rainy season in the southern part of the peninsula is longer than anywhere else in the country and could begin in April and last until November.

6-Overall, the cold season (November – February) is the best time to visit thailand. In addition to low temperatures and low rainfall, it provides a full flow of waterfalls because it is beyond the peak of the rainy season (September and October) On the highlands. The rainy season is also a special and suitable for the visit because the rain is often in the evening only or at night.

At the end , There is an information that might be useful for you best times to visit Bangkok
between late October and March, although temperatures may sometimes reach uncomfortable heights (ranging from 21 to 35 degrees Celsius), but rainfall and humidity levels are minimal, making this the best time to visit Bangkok.

wish you all a nice trip 🙂