Best places to visit in Italy
Hello everybody today we’re gonna talk about an historical country which have a glorious past We will talk about Italy we will mention Best Time To Visit Italy and the Best places to visit in Italy.

– Introduction about Italy:

The Republic of Italy (Italian: Repubblica Italiana) is a country partly located in southern Europe on the Italian peninsula and also on the two largest islands in the Mediterranean sea: Sicily and Sardinia.

Italy shares the northern Alpine border with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. While within the Italian territory there are two independent states, the San Marino and Vatican City, and the Campione d’Italia in Switzerland. The Italian territory covers an area of ??301,338 km 2 and is influenced by a moderate seasonal climate.

The country has a population of 60.2 million, the sixth largest country in Europe, and ranks 23rd among the world’s most populous nations.

The lands now known as Italy were the cradle of European cultures and peoples, such as the Etruscans and the Romans. For many centuries Rome was the political center of Western civilization as the capital of the Roman Empire.

After the retreat of the empire, Italy was invaded by foreign peoples of the Germanic tribes such as the East and Lombard Goths, the Norman people, the Byzantines, and others.

Centuries later, Italy became the cradle of Renaissance , which was a very fruitful intellectual movement that proved its ability to shape the course of European thought later on.

– Etymology:

The label “Italy” is of Latin origin “Italia” (uta: lja)). The Latin label source is uncertain.

According to one of the most common explanations, the name is borrowed from the Greek name V?teli?, meaning “vitulus” or “calf”.

(In Umbrian: vitlo). The bull was a symbol of the tribes of southern Italy and was often depicted as the Roman wolf’s tower as a symbol of defiance of Italy’s freedom during the Semitic wars.

The name was originally named Italy on a part of what is now southern Italy, and according to Antiochus Seraciosi, this part was the southern part of the Proteum peninsula (Calabria currently). Inutria was synonymous with Italy at the time, as the name applied to most of the Lucania. The Greeks gradually called the name “Italy” on a wider area, but the name did not include the entire peninsula until the time of the Roman conquests.

– best time to go to italy:


Italy’s climate is very diverse and can be very different from the typical Mediterranean climate depending on location. Most northern inland areas such as Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna have a continental climate that is often classified as semi-tropical wetlands (the Climate Copine classification).

While the Mediterranean climate generally applies to the coastal areas of Liguria and most of the peninsula to the south of the city of Florence (Copen classification climate).

Climate conditions vary between coastal areas of the peninsula, high inland areas and valleys, especially during winter months, where weather tends to be cold, wet and snowy. Coastal areas have mild winters and generally warm and dry summers, although low valleys may be very hot in summer.

The climate in Mediterranean Italy is characterized by cold, rainy, hot and dry summers, with temperatures reaching 30 or 32 degrees Celsius in summer, and falling to zero in some Italian coasts during the winter.

The best months to visit Italy are from April to June and from mid-September to October, as the temperature is mild and the congestion eases. The months between July and early September are experiencing the peak tourist season. You should take cotton clothes, light summer shirts and thick winter clothes.

– And to be more specific we’ll divide the areas in Italy into three categories:

1-Climate in the north:

It is less severe at sea temperatures and the climate is very cold in winter with little snow during the months of December, January and February and the summer is very hot and humid.

2-Climate in central Italy:

between the cities of Bologna and Rome is moderate with small differences between the seasons of cold and warm because both have a wonderful atmosphere, although from time to time the winter is cold and snowy and summer is very hot but rarely happens that.

3-Climate in the south and the major islands:

The climate in the south and the major islands are generally dry and hot with less likely precipitation and more periods of drought and the winter is very cold and autumn and spring are closer to summer temperatures.

– Best Time To Visit Milan:

The weather in Milan is moderately hot in summer and cool in the winter. Temperatures may fall below zero during the winter from November to February, and snow falls. It is very hot during summer and the humidity is high. However, the sky is clear, preferably visiting the city from July to September.

– Best places to visit in Italy:

1-Amalfi Coast:


This coastline is the bride of Italy and extends 30 miles along the southern side of the Sorrento Peninsula. Famous for its natural greenery, lemon trees, homes and cheerful houses built up the highlands and steep slopes. Forori is one of the most beautiful places to stay in.

2-City of Venice:


An Italian city also known as Venice and the City of Lovers is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It boasts waterways and canals, which can be traversed by classic boats to see historic architectural buildings and beautiful palaces. You can also spend some time on the famous San Marco Street there to see the world’s most famous museums and art galleries.



An Italian city in the northern part of central Italy, it is the most bustling city with historical monuments and outstanding architectural facilities. Visit Florence’s Cathedral, Piazzale Michelangelo and Florence’s Fashion Outlet, which gives you the opportunity to experience an exciting shopping experience among the world’s most famous boutiques and international brands.

4-Pisa tower:


You can not go to Italy without seeing one of the wonders of the world, the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa in Rome, known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Enjoy taking the most beautiful images in front of him and roam in the surrounding areas.


During the stay in Rome, we recommend to visit the Colosseum, a giant Roman amphitheater dedicated to wrestling battles, and you can also see the Trevi Fountain, the most famous fountain in Rome and the world. The legend says that throwing a coin in a fountain will come It is the day he returns to Rome again!

This was an overlook about the best time to visit Italy and also the Best places to visit there bye :).