best places to visit in Iceland
Hello guys first of all we’ll talk about the best time to visit Iceland this unique country and then we will introduce to you the best places to visit in Iceland to enjoy your vacation there.

– Tips on the weather of Iceland and the best time to travel there:

Iceland’s weather is known to be very cold, but it has the highest temperature among most of the places on a similar latitude in the world. With Iceland’s unique geological formation, also consider the potential activity of the volcanoes. The country enjoys a cool, windy, mild and typical Scandinavian summer, but there are some differences in climate between different parts of this charming island.Often, the southern coast is warmer, humider and windier than the northern region, and winter snow is more common in northern Iceland.

– The highest temperature recorded in this country was 30.5 ° C in 1939 on the southeast coast, while it was 38 ° C below zero in the Gramsstairir region of the northeast in 1918.

– There is a seasonal change in the length of the day and night in Iceland in a unique phenomenon. In the middle of the winter there is a dark period of days as a Scandinavian phenomenon called “polar nights”, during which you can see the Aurora or the Northern Aurora.

– In the middle of summer, the opposite occurs when the sun shines most of the day in June and July, and the peak of these days is called the “midnight sun” when darkness is absent.

– Iceland’s most popular travel times are during the summer months from May to August, when you can enjoy plenty of daylight, plus December for winter and year-end holidays.

– best places to visit in Iceland to enjoy your vacation in ICELAND:

If you’re thinking about where to go during your next vacation, and you have not decided yet, you may have to keep Iceland in mind. Although the prevailing idea for this beautiful country is snow, there are many ways to enjoy breathtaking sights that capture hearts from waterfalls To the landscape and volcanic waiting for you .. In this article you will learn more about the reasons that may prompt you to visit Iceland.

1-Magnificence of mountain scenes:

Iceland is home to many wonderful mountain ranges that are unforgettable for all to see and stay in their memories for life, and whether you go up or down you will see many beautiful landscapes that will always invite you to repeat the visit again.

2-Visit the Svartifoss waterfall:

You can see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world at the national park called Vattnagokol in Iceland, the waterfall Svartifoss, which is known as the black waterfall because of the black lava columns surrounding it in geometric form.

3-Northern Aurora:

You can see the Northern Lights in Iceland, and the periods between September and October or March and April are the best time to visit Iceland and see the natural sensation of this wonderful scene. Also, if you can watch them in the middle of the night you will be faced with stunning beauty.

4-Active volcanoes:

Iceland has many active volcanoes all over the country that are worth watching, but do not worry, many of them have not broken out in years, and you just have to enjoy those amazing sights.

5-Visit the Landmannalauger area:

Do not miss the Landmannalauger, a hill of some of the most surreal multicolored mountains in the world formed by the volcanic volcanic rocks of the Riolait volcano. Visitors to this area enjoy long walks among the most beautiful landscapes.

6-Visit Kirkjufell Mountain:

Near Grundarfjordur, a small town in western Iceland with about 900 inhabitants, Kirkjufell is 1,500 feet above sea level, so do not miss it.

7-Volcanic rivers:

Many glaciers flow in Iceland mixed with volcanic ash, and when seen from above, as in this picture, they look almost like an abstract painting of a natural phenomenon.

8-Ice caves:

Sometimes called the Crystal Caves, Iceland has many ice caves, which are temporary structures that appear at the edge of the glaciers, and look great inside.

9-Hiking up Thursmork:

Thursmork is a mountain ridge in Iceland and is one of the most popular areas throughout the country for long walks. You can see glaciers, climb to the tops of the mountains, and take commemorative pictures among the waterfalls.


One of the most attractions in Iceland are the waterfalls, especially that there is a large range of them, which can be found almost anywhere. Some are enormous and strong, others small, but all are magnificent, topped by a waterfall of Skogavos, a waterfall of Dingandi and a waterfall of the Gulfus.

11-Beautiful beaches:

Although Iceland is not sunny and warm throughout the year, its beaches are beautiful and attractive to visitors, including the wonderful mix of black sand and rock, and also sometimes basalt caves as in the Vangel Cave.

12-Geisser fountain:

The scene of Geisser is magical which makes summer is the best time to visit ICELAND, sometimes known as the Great Geisser, a famous sparkling fountain in southwestern Iceland bursting with hot water boiling up and rising up to a height of 230 feet.

wish you all enjoy your vacation at this marvelous country.