Disney world

Hi guys we will take you in a fairy tour in the world of dreams Disney world in Orlando-Florida and Tell you The Best time to visit Disney World.

– As we want to introduce Disney world we will say these informations to you:

1-Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida) is the world’s largest entertainment resort with 23 theme parks, two water parks, a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment areas owned by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, one of Walt Disney World’s branches. Florida, USA.

2-Then opened Disney Hollywood Studios, a small amusement park on May 1, 1989; it reviews the deceitful ways of filmmakers and filmmakers, and all the images are taken from famous cinematic scenes that are already filmed, flood scenes, shipwrecks or The departure of a train from its course and other and do as if they were passengers of the train and so on.

3-Then opened on April 22, 1998 Disney Park Animal Kingdom. All of these parks are clustered in or near one Orlando city that has made this city, with decades, the largest tourist city in the world.

4-Some of these resorts or parks are enough to spend a full day enjoying it, and the Kingdom of Magic is preferred by many people from 2-3 days alone. Preparations are made to the fullest extent for adults, children and the handicapped.

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– Best time to visit Disney World (Orlando,Florida):

Best Places to Visit in Florida

1-Walt Disney World may be a holiday of dreams for families, friends and even couples;

But visiting this city without any preparation or knowing anything about this huge world will certainly be a problem for you.

Because most restaurants are booked quickly and the fact that if you booked now you will need about 6 months until your turn ; so you should plan this trip a while ago.

2-Weekends and holidays are busy days at Walt Disney,

And also at the end of the year as the Disney world is magical in the days of the Haloians and also the holiday season (early November to early January).

– How to spend your time there:

Whatever you imagine you should think of a wider imagination in this wonderful world; you can find four major parks, water parks, many golf courses, a huge sports complex
For your stay you can book in one of the 32 hotels located beside Disney and for countless restaurants.

– Activities you can do in Disney World:

1-Each of the four main gardens has a different idea, the Magic Kingdom is the most magical place on Earth and is home to the high-known castle in the city of Disney;
APCOT is two parks in one, with some areas that focus on technology-oriented tourists.

2-The third park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is a full-fledged movie center where the place contains all the things that belong to the series “Star Wars”.

3-Now we come to the fourth place, Disney’s Kingdom of Animals, a real zoo that houses the famous tree of life in the center of the Kingdom.

4-If you do not have tickets to Disney Parks you can go to explore the famous Pixar world where you can find the Disney Springs inside Pixar and without any tickets.

5-Most importantly you will be able to visit Pleasure Island, which has a large number of shops, entertainment and many activities open to the public.

– Disney world vacation planning:

Planning a vacation in Walt Disney is like planning a wedding !, you’ll find endless choices for all budgets;

We have gathered many tips for you if this is your first time visiting Walt Disney.

– where do you stay in DisneyWorld ?

When choosing the hotel you will be staying in, make sure you are not far from the places you would like to visit

As we are talking about Disney City we will show you one of the most famous hotels near Disney:

– Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort:

You will find a secluded tower where you and your family can relax and relax, the Four Seasons Resort Orlando in Walt Disney World,

This little resort is about a magical castle but rest assured you will not hear any noise while you are inside the resort;

But we will not forget to talk about hotels in Disney giving you something called Extra Magic,

No additional charm that will give you extra time spent on Disney’s parks and also the bus service at Disney’s Magic Airport.

– Disney Tickets:

Walt Disney sells two types of tickets: the first single day: a one-day ticket; the multi day: a ticket that runs from two to fourteen days; and you should know that if you want to travel all over Walt Disney World you will need at least two days .

– How to go to Disney World:

Orlando International Airport is the main airport serving Walt Disney World and surrounding areas, but if you are a guest at a Disney hotel you will receive free shuttle service from and to the airport.

– How to Move Inside Disney World:

Disney City offers buses to transport visitors from the front gate between Disney hotels and parks every 20 minutes or so.

If you own your own car you can move out in the city normally with its corner in the parking lot for $ 20.

This all about charming DisneyWorld bye 🙂