Things To Do in Cape Town
Hello everybody today we’re heading to mother Africa We will talk about South Africa specifically Cape-Town and we will mention the Best time to visit Cape Town and Things To Do in Cape Town, like we talked before about Zanzibar-Tanzania in the previous article “Best time and places to visit in Zanzibar

– Introduction about Cape-Town:

Cape Town (Afrikaans: Kaapstad) is the third largest city in South Africa in terms of population. Cape Town is the capital of West Cape Province and the legislative capital of South Africa. According to the 2001 census, Cape Town has 2.9 million people. Its area is 2499 km 2. Cape Town is famous for its harbor, scenic nature, and some famous areas such as Temple Mountain and Cape Point.

Cape Town was originally a port of Dutch ships sailing to East Africa, India and the continent of Asia. Founded in 1652, it was the first permanent European settlement in the sub-Saharan region. The city is now famous for Cape Town International Airport, the second most active airport in South Africa.

Those who live there say that their visitors should not spend more than three days on their streets if they want to go home again because of its charming nature that will make you want to stay there the whole of your life. Cape Town is the oldest and most beautiful city of South Africa, with the mountains of the Tybol Mountain at the black and white beach sands underfoot.

Its fine wines and hard-working artistic activity represent other major attractions for the city of 1.3 million people, located in the far southwest of the country on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The energy of Long Street, the most important and longest street in Cape Town, is permanent magnetism, day or night, when its high-rise Victorian buildings are full of celebratory young people.

– Best time to visit Cape Town :

The climate may be a compelling reason to spend your vacation in South Africa. It has a mild subtropical climate, with 10 months of sunny weather making it fun to visit throughout the year. Because South Africa is a large country.

– cape town seasons: (cape town weather)

1-Summer: December – January – February

2-Fall: March-April-May

3-Winter: June – July – August

4-Spring: September – October – November

-The tourist season is in their summer season (December – January – February)
Prices for hotels and attractions are therefore more expensive in that period.

-For the weather it is between cool and mild in the spring and summer (be between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius)
It can be visited at that time.

-We visited it in mid-August and the weather was cold but funny.

-The worst time is the months of June and July because the wind and rain are severe, so it is difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.

-So the best time to visit Cape Town is in the Period: January to December
Cape Town has a warm Mediterranean climate, with low humidity even during the summer months.
The best time to visit Cape Town is the beginning of the spring from September to November. Summer months from December to February are a good time to visit Cape Town as well, but beware of fires that burn in national parks because of the heat.

-Cape Town and the Western Cape Province experience winter rainfall between June and August, and the summer is heavily heat and drought. On the contrary, the rest of the country, including Kruger Park, has the summer (December to March) experiencing heavy thunderstorms and the winter is dry from May to October.

-Eastern Cape and Green Root on the Indian Ocean’s eastern coastline of South Africa can face rain at any time of the year. Based on these climatic data, we can determine the best times to visit South Africa’s tourist attractions as follows:

1-The dry winter months between May and October are the best time to see the wonderful wildlife of South Africa through safaris to Kruger, Madikwe, Pilanesberg and KwaZulu-Natal where animals gather around the water sources and are easy to see compared to the bush.

2-KwaZulu-Natal Coast is characterized by sunshine throughout the year, even in mild winter days, especially with warm ocean waters, so any time of the year will be appropriate.

3-If you want to see the whales in the southwestern pocket called the “whale coast” the best time to visit is between June and November, and the numbers of Pisces peak in September.

4-If you want to spend your holiday on the beach in Cape Town, it is not easy to get a place during the hot summer months between November and March, unless you make reservations early, especially during the New Year or New Year holidays.

5-In contrast to the summer season of tourists and high prices, you can enjoy the months of fall and spring (April, May, September and November) as temperatures moderate, tourist numbers fall, and the same is true for prices.

– Places to Visit in Cape Town:



1-The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town:

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most visited tourist destinations with 24 million visitors a year.

The façade is located in the oldest southern hemisphere harbor, with spectacular views, with the nature of the Green Table Mountain Park behind, and ocean waters surrounding it.

It has been designed as a mixed-use project covering 123 hectares to include residential and commercial properties, hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities for local and international visitors.

-Activities you can do there:

• Visit the Chavniz Museum, the oldest heritage site in the port, built in the 18th century, with many artifacts.

• Visit the clock tower built in Victorian Gothic style in 1882 and is a symbol of the ancient Cape Town harbor.

• Walk across the Victoria-Alfred Bridge mobile suspension bridge, which will give you the opportunity to capture exciting souvenir pictures of the harbor.

• Do not forget to take many panoramic pictures of the façade through the Cape Town Tour, which will enable you to see the entire city skyline.

• Take a tour of Robinson’s oldest dry dock, the oldest of its kind in the world, laid out by Prince Alfred in 1882.

2-The National Table Mountain National Park:

The National Table Mountain National Park is one of the most popular and popular landmarks in Cape Town, locally and internationally. The park hosts about 2,200 species of plants and 1,470 rare flowers, which has been included in UNESCO World Heritage sites.

It has a long botanical garden, founded in 1913 and contains unique winter plants and plants from all over the world.

The Table Mountain Park features biodiversity and geology of streams and valleys that rarely meet elsewhere on the earth.

-The activities you can do:

• Enjoy a walking tour to the top of more than 350 trails for hiking enthusiasts.

• If you are not a walking enthusiast, you can climb to the top of the park by cable car, which will give you the chance to take the most beautiful photos.

• Visit the nearly 200-year-old Kirstenbusch Botanical Gardens, located in the eastern part of the park.

• Go to Boulders Beach, where the clear water is surrounded by rocks and shrubs, enjoy the warm sun, and take photos in the colony of the African penguins that inhabit it.

The park is one of the most important tourist places in South Africa as one of the seven new wonders of the world, receiving about one million visitors annually from all countries and countries.

The facade also includes a number of heritage sites and famous tourist attractions, and plays an important role in the economic development of the country in general.

3-The Two Ocean Aquarium:

The Two Ocean Aquarium were opened in 1995 on the Victoria and Alfred Sea fronts in Cape Town and are considered as the most important tourist places in South Africa.

The basin has seven galleries with large display windows, and its special charm is due to its privileged location at the confluence of the Indian Ocean in the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition to the fairgrounds, there is a children’s play center which offers various activities and an opportunity to deal closely with the marine life.

One of the most important objectives of the basin is to raise the awareness of visitors about the environment and promote a sustainable lifestyle, for a healthier and happier life.

-The activities you can do:

• You can wander around aquarium fairs that include various types of Atlantic and Indian marine life such as jellyfish, crab and lobster.

• Your children will enjoy the I & G Center, which offers puppets, arts and crafts, as well as information about algae and its types.

• You can also visit the aquarium tunnel which includes sharks, turtles and many other fish, distributed glass basins, penguins and sea lions.

• You must visit the mucus eel, which is a whirlwind of mud around itself, a serpentine starfish, and a devilish fire fish.

4-The Cape Wheel:

The Cape Wheel is one of the most important tourist attractions in South Africa. It is a giant observation wheel that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Cape Town.

The wheel is located at the Victoria’s front and Alfred’s vibrant seafront. The sights include Table Mountain, Robben Island and Cape Town Stadium.

The wheel reaches 40 meters above sea level, within tours within 30 safe and air-conditioned cabins, some of which are equipped with wheelchairs.

Within the wheel services is a photo book that will accompany you from the beginning of the tour to the end of the tour, which will be present for reception if you leave the cab.

These are the most important and beautiful places you can visit in Cape Town we wish you a nice journey to South Africa especially in Cape Town have a marvelous time guys bye 🙂