Visit Boston
Hello everybody today we’re gonna talk about one of most beautiful cities in Massachusetts state in America like we mentioned before many states of America in previous articles *”Best places to visit in California ” “Best places to visit in Florida ” “Best places to visit in Hawaii ” “Things to do in Southern California“. And now it’s the turn on Boston state to know the best time to visit and the best places to spend your time there.

– Best times to visit Boston:



The summer from May to late September is the perfect time to visit Boston, where most of the attractions open to visitors. During this season, the visitor can swim and relax in the sun on the many beaches that adorn the city and beyond. As for winter, it may be very cold and witness the fall of snow heavily, while the autumn and spring seasons in color.

– The Best Time of Year to Visit Boston:

From May to September.

– Informations about Boston city:

#Boston is the capital of the state of Massachusetts, which is located in northeastern America. Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The city has a great tourist reputation in the world, where there is a lot of historical sites and natural landmarks in addition to it is full of many clubs, nightclubs, hotels and restaurants.

#Boston is a small peninsula in the state of Massachusetts on the Atlantic coast, not far from New York City, the northern part of which is the historic part of the city. It has a population of 600,000 and an area of ??46 square kilometers. It is 3 meters above sea level, and its timing is east coast time, five hours less than GMT (GMT). Calling codes from outside the city are 617 and 781.

#Boston separates from Harvard Cambridge The Charles River, which runs 80 miles and flows into the ocean at the port of Boston.

– Best places to visit in Boston:


1-Northern Region:

It is characterized by narrow roads and being the oldest areas of the city. It is also home to the Italian community in Boston, which is characterized by Salem Street, which is full of cafés, restaurants, pastry shops and bakeries. The area is also known as the Copps Hill, dating back to 1660, and the Old North Church, built in 1723.

2-Freedom Trail:

A 2.5-mile-long stretch of foot-walk that passes through Boston’s most important landmarks and monuments.

3-Boston Public Park:

which dates back to 1634, covering 75 acres of green space in the heart of Boston. One of the most popular tourist activities is the “Swan Boat” which runs from mid-April to mid-September.

4-Boston puplic library:

Is the largest public library in the United States. It was the first public library to be supported, the largest public library in the United States, and the first library to borrow books and other materials for reading in the home.

5-Boston Public park:

This Frederick Olmsted garden design law, famous for its swan boats, has more than 600 species of trees and a constantly changing range of flowers. . It is the first American public park.

It is America’s first public garden.

6-Museum of Fine Arts:

The largest and most famous art institution, the Department of Foreign Affairs is one of the world’s most comprehensive art collections and is famous for its Impressionist paintings, Asian and Egyptian collections and early American art.

7-Franklin Zoo:

Founded in 1911, this large urban park covers an area of ??more than 72 acres / 29 hectares. Good animals, including gorillas, leopards, hippos and many free flying birds, this is a popular family attraction.

8-John Hancock Tower:

This is the tallest building in New England, designed by the famous architect Pei .. It has high towers above Kubli Square and far from the high-rise area of ??the city center. color and shape. Covers the exterior of the mirror-like glass building, often reflected on historical buildings with subtle distortions of color and shape. . This image of old and new side by side, with ideas, is often a common theme for photographers. . When constructed for the first time, many 10,000 windows actually fell due to heat and changing wind conditions.Thank God, this problem has been solved soon.

wish you enjoy your time there and we hope that our tips about the best time to visit Boston and the best places to visit there were useful for you bye 🙂