Hi my friends today we’re gonna talk about Alaska state and the best time to visit Alaska , but first we should introduce this state historically and geographically.

– Historic and geographic informations about Alaska:

– Historical facts:

The United States bought the state of Alaska under a $ 7,200,000 contract with the Russian Empire in 1867. This agreement was signed by the US Senate and Andrew Johnson the President of USA at this time , Russia was forced under the authority of it’s President “Alexander II” to sell Alaska because they were afraid of being occupied and taken over, if the war took place between Russia and Britain. This acquisition has threatened British control of its coastal colonies on the Pacific Ocean. Alaska joined the Union as a state in 1959.

– Geographic informations:

Alaska is one of the states of the Pacific region, which includes four other states beside Alaska. The Territory has the largest area of ??the United States and is the fourth largest population. The other four states are: Washington, Arig?n, California, Hawaii, Alaska Is the largest state in terms of area in the United States of America, it is more than double the area of ??Texas, an area of ??1.518.776 square kilometers, Alaska is a separate state from the rest of the United States, it is close to Russia, located in northwestern Canada, 800 kilometers from Washington State.

Alaska is bordered by the Canadian provinces of Yukon and Colombia. It is bordered to the south by the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific ocean. It is bordered by the Chukinche Sea and the Bering Sea, covering an area of ??2 million square kilometers. On the north side is the Beaufort Sea, the Arctic Ocean, its the less Deep and smallest ocean in the five oceans, and its called “The Polar Ocean”, the closest point of contact between North America and Asia, is 82 kilometers from the maximum point in western Alaska and the Russian border, as well as after the small island of Alaska on Russia’s large Dayumid Island is far by Only 4 km.

– Tourism in Alaska:

Despite the extremely cold weather in Alaska most days of the year, it attracts a large number of tourists and is a major tourist destination for more than a million tourists a year. Visitors to Alaska enjoy seeing the attractive colors that flashed in the sky at night, with flying plates, grey bears catching salmon fishes.

They also love the sight of rare animals such as brown and black bears, sea otters, reindeer, foxes, rare algae, and aquatic animals such as the killer whale.

– Best time to visit Alaska:

It is not recommended to visit Alaska between July and mid-August. This is the peak of the tourist season. Hotels and national parks are crowded with tourists at this time of year and the prices are very high at this season, so the best time to visit Alaska is between May and September.Where the weather is fairly adequate, and the crowding is very little in comparison with July season.

– Top five places to enjoy in Alaska:

1-Denali National Park:


The National Park of Denali is a national park and nature reserve with the highest mountain in North America. The park is protected and is home to the tundra. Snowboarding activities are popular in the park and attracts many tourists to visit. The number of visitors in 2016 reached 587,412 tourists.

2-Fairbanks City



This city is full of the wonders of the midnight sun because of the Aurora, from August to April of every year. The city has a long history of discovering gold pieces, where people have been and continue to flow for searching Gold activities,tourists enjoy practicing some other activities there such as visiting museums, sailing in the Shina River, and visiting hot water springs.

3-City of Ketchikan:


Ketchikan is one of Southeast Alaska’s most visited cities for cruise enthusiasts, with valleys formed by glaciers rivers, volcanic lava flows which is caused by the volcanic activity and foggy gorges with its calm waters from the Pacific ocean entrances.

4-City of Anchorage:


Despite what you can see in Anchorage, the polar ice caps and freezing plain, the climate in this city is very warm, with a temperature of about 65 degrees in the summer, making it a suitable place to roam the marine straits and riding polar bikes.

5-Kodiak Island:


Kodiak Island is located on the Kodiak archipelago on the southern coast of Alaska. The island is considered the largest fishing port, especially the lobster and salmon. This place is home to wildlife especially for the brown Kodiak bear, salmon and 250 species of birds.The weather is characterized by moderate climate and with open air Most days of the year.

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