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Hello everybody in this article I will give you the most Best places to visit in Florida, which can be visited when making a trip to Florida, and the city I talk about in the brief version of one of the states of America and is famous for the launch of NASA space most of its spacecraft from its territory, and has an important tourist center Kennedy Space is one of the most important tourist places in Florida and we will learn more about it in the coming lines.Also Florida is one of the USA states which we mentioned in *many articles before “Best places to visit in California and The Things To Do In Southern California” “Best places to visit in Hawaii” “Best time to visit alaska and top five places to enjoy there”.

Best Places to Visit in Florida

– The most important tourist places in Florida:

1-Kennedy Space Center:

Is one of three rules to launch Space Shuttle in America, the most important of all three, if all spaceflight is launched from astronauts, so visiting the Kennedy Space Center is one of Florida’s best tourism options.

2-Sea World Orlando:

The world-class SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most spectacular entertainment cities and one of Disney World’s great competitors is a great and all-inclusive place.

The city has two parks, restaurants, hotels and attractions. The amusement park is one of the most famous amusement parks in the United States and internationally, making it one of the most important tourist attractions in Florida.

3-South Beach:

This beautiful place is one of the most famous places in Florida. The South Beach is one of Florida’s most famous tourist spots, and is a great choice for swimmers.

4-Amelia Island:

One of the best islands in southern Florida, features some historic buildings such as the Fairbanks House, and its wonderful nature makes it a great tourist destination.

5-Walt Disney:

This wonderful place is one of Florida’s most beautiful tourist attractions. Disney is famous for its wide skin around the world. It has many places to enjoy, such as the places for rare animals, and there are many different places in Lake Bunia Vista.

6-Key West:

Known as the largest city in Florida, many tourists come to the country each year and number about one million tourists, which is one of the most important areas of tourism in Florida, which has many unique and exotic buildings that amaze tourists of its beauty.


It is a river with many exotic and rare creatures such as dolphins, eagles, crocodiles and many other creatures. It is a very popular place for visitors to see the fishing boats in this river, and the more beautiful mangroves that make Everglades a great choice for tourism in Florida.

8-South Beach:

It is a beautiful Florida area with its wonderful beaches, which are popular with games and sports, and it is a great destination for anyone considering a trip to Florida.

9-Florida Mall:

One of the most beautiful and largest malls in Florida, offering lots and lots of fashion is a great place to shop and make a unique experience.

With a variety of shops and 250 shops, it is an entertainment center with everything you are looking for, a great place to visit.

10-Universal Studios:

Is a park centered around film-making, a very famous place in Florida, and annually attracts a very large number of nearly 6 million tourists, so Universal Studios is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Florida.

11-Discovery Cove:

A wonderful and amusement park which is perfect for visitors to enjoy underwater diving, playing with dolphins and taking pictures with them, one of the favorite destinations for children in particular and for adults in general.

Staff at Discovery Cove always work on cleanliness of the place, providing services to visitors like sunscreen and offering towels after getting out of the water, but the entrance fee may be a little high but the place is worth it.

12-Salvador Dali Museum:

It Is a museum dedicated to the works of artist Salvador Dali, and the museum itself is a beautiful piece of art, a place especially fond of art lovers.

The museum comes in the form of a large glass structure in the shape of a corona, and the museum is a member of the American Alliance of Museums.

13-Clearwater Beach:

One of Florida’s finest beaches is Clare Beach Beach, which has white sand and clear waters, with excursions and beautiful activities to do when visiting this magnificent beach.

14-Harry Potter World:

If you are a fan of the famous series of Harry Potter, you certainly need to know the magical world of this wonderful series characterized by strange and amazing design.

– A Look at Tourism in Florida:

Florida is a great destination especially for its water-rich beaches, with wonderful services everywhere you go in Florida, such as wonderful shopping, shops and fine restaurants. Cost may be high in some places, but in Florida in particular and America in general You pay for what you pay for services that are more than what you paid for, I hope you’ve liked the article of the best places to visit in Florida.. see you soon bye 🙂